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Welcome to City Life RPG please read below if you require any assistance


The following section it aimed at new players to help them to familiarize them self with City Life RPG


City life prides its self with a simple and quick to install system, with the help from Six updater it will keep players up to date with all our new content with just one Click


City Life has a dedicated team of helpers, who will help you join our server with out to much hassle. The support ranges from live remote desktop fixes to vocal help via Teamspeak. Click here

Server support

City life is a free to play server however our server is top of the range and costs allot to maintain and run so we appreciate any and all donations for this reason we also have set-up a donation Store this will give you an in-game reward for your donation.

Check List

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead installed

ArmA 2 Full/Free installed

City Life Launcher installed

Over the age of 16 years old

Understand and have read the rules

What can City Life RPG offer to you the player

More Features

  • Fishing
  • Gambling
  • Boxing
  • Driving
  • Flying

There is so much content in City Life RPG you will find your self lost in the environment

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Save System

City Life has an advanced save system database that is regularly backed up to maintain consistent game play and progression that each player makes.

You have to manually save at various save points around the map. When you save, your player skill, location, licenses and vehicles are all saved and restored when you re join the game at a later date. Even your criminal record!


Becoming the Senator of City Life isn't easy. 1st you have to win an election. Things don't come easy as the Senator of City Life keeping all Civilians happy, a small increase in Tax and the shop owners love you but the population hate you.

As the senator you will find yourself giving public speeches on current laws and taxes and directing the Commanders of the City Life Police Department on current police issues.

Be prepared to answer to the Law should public outbreak and disorder arise.


The mod offers a variety of tools and functions to recreate the police work and tasks in a role play environment. You can use the on-board radar or use the speed gun to catch speeders. Issues them a ticket using the action menus and do not forget to add it into the police computer! Police officers have access to DMV records to check licenses and vehicles owned by the civilians, warrants, crime reports, personal records.


Arrest a civilian and place him into a vehicle

Search for weapons

Have a K-9 dog to search for drugs or car bomb

Only owners of the jail and impound lot codes to open the gates

Main police station with shooting range and 2 substations

Vehicle Shops

The City Life mod offers a huge variety of stock and custom vehicles in our custom vehicle shops. The vehicles you can buy are based on the City Life custom skill's, The higher your driving skill is the better vehicles you can get.

All players must own ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead and have either ArmA 2 full or ArmA 2 Free installed

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