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City Life RPG is a Super complex RPG

We are proud that we build our own content, code software

Over 10 years

We started our community back in 2005 with only 3 dev team members and have grown it to what it is today.

The Community & Role-Play

What do you want to do in City Life? Find yourself a job offered by the local government from cleaning the streets, operating the public transport, working for one of the emergency services, or better yet create jobs and have people work for you. There's plenty of ways to get by in City Life and the choices are all down to you. Join the community and become part of the story with each player bringing different aspects to the game and new ideas. Grab a few buddies and head up to the local lakes for a fishing trip, or head out to sea for some deep sea fishing! Or why not work within a team and rescue people at sea, helping others whenever possible? Then head over to the Emergency Medical Technicians. Fancy some action? Why not join up with the City Life Police Department (CLPD) Or maybe you'd rather earn that fast and easy cash from a bank robbery or run your very own drug operations? The choices are all down to you! The only thing you need here at City Life is imagination!

City Life Shops

Got some extra cash and enjoy treating yourselves? We've got plenty of different shops for you to experience at City Life. Find everything from clothes shops, tool shops, weapons shops, different vehicle shops and much more. That's not all! City Life is all about delivering Role-Play with its own environment, buy the shops, stock the shops, compete with other shop owners to attract your customers.


Think you've got what it takes to run the island? Communicate with the people of City Life? Keep yourself safe from competitors and those who might want their own in power? Maintain taxes and laws, and keep the peace on the island? We hope you've got what it'll take! Start launching that campaign and winning the election and see how the population judges you as City Life Senator. Public speeches and assistance from the City Life emergency services will help you somewhat, but remember it's easy to upset people by making changes and the Police certainly will not like an outbreak of public disorder!

Emergency Medical Technicians

Accidents do happen in City Life unfortunately and this could be anything from a head on crash with another driver, mechanical failure on an aircraft and of course the odd shooting or two. Lucky for residents of City Life we have our Emergency Medical technicians (EMT's) who will respond to all medical and rescue related calls. If you're out at sea and find yourself in difficulty or lost up in the mountains then be sure to contact the EMT's! Players are able to join this service and will be trained to operate under the EMT's guidelines and rescues procedures. It's a stressful job and certainly not one for all! Our EMT's will help all parts of the community and therefore take a neutral standing whilst assisting Police and Civilian sides. Further information can be found about the EMT's on the server rule page and on our forums.


From minor speeding offences, vandalism and drunks, to serious bank robberies, drug dealers, assaults, City Life Police force are equipped and ready to protect the innocent. Work in a truly unique environment offering a serious element of Role-Play as you carry out the duties of a Police Officer building your way up the different ranks and divisions. City Life provides its Officers with the local DMV information on all residents and a huge database built within the Police Computer to maintain law and order, updating criminal records, crime reports, personal records, and much more! . Further information can be found about the Police on the server rule page and on our forums.

Save system

You do not need to be worried about any loss in progression with your character on City Life. Our save system database is regularly backed up to maintain consistent game play to assure no disruption comes to our players. Of course we do our part! But players should frequently save manually at the various save points around the map. Using the save points will not only allow you to spawn back in at that location, but it'll backup all those hard earned skills, licenses, items, vehicles and even your criminal record!

Map Location finder

Don't get lost! In City Life we have our own dynamic navigation system that will let you find your destination with a single map click. Find your way around easily and visit all those key destinations, useful for everyday use and also in the workplace for taxi drivers, bus drivers, emergency response, and much more.


Getting those licenses is not always an easy task! You will have to experience various different tests to obtain that driving license, truck license, boat license, pilot license, weapons license and much more! Each DMV test passed will give you further access to City Life environment with the ability to take on jobs and use shops where licences may be required. Of course, there's always other methods in City Life to get what you want, or drive without that license, but if you want to stay on the good side of the law, get down to your local DMV!


City Life has always thrived on going the extra distances for its players and the community in which we support and love. In order to create that extra detail for those Role-Playing scenarios our animation team has created plenty of different actions that can either be selected by the player themselves or that are part of our scripts and will happen automatically. We can't wait for you to see the different amount of animations available to improve your gameplay and Role-Playing experience with us at City Life RPG.

Starting your rp life

Our philosophy

The City Life RPG 3 MOD is an Online Role Playing Game (RPG) built on the Armed Assault 3 engine offering an online community for you to enjoy for the past 10 years. What sets us aside from other RPG missions is custom made addons built around our own code. Our systems are built by a dedicated development team over a long period of time making it one of the longest running mod's in the Bohemia Interactive series (OFP,ARMA,ARMA2,ARMA2OA,ARMA3).
We rely heavily on the feedback of our players, the players are the building blocks of the mod inspiring us with ideas, and giving us new goals to reach, so I would just like to say a big thank you out loud to all the beta testers, development team and not forgetting addon makers that have allowed us to use their content in the mod. We aim to keep being you new content for as long as we can.


Welcome! Before we dive in, there's are a few things we need to cover and explain to you in order to get you started on City Life as quickly and effectively as possible!
We are a community dedicated to delivering quality player experiences like none other and thrive on creating a truly one of a kind Role-Playing environment.
You can find plenty of information on the community and City Life in general from our forums, Cliki, Facebook and Youtube channels.
Now, let's move on to getting you setup on City Life and creating your story!

Requirements for City Life

Let's run through the basic requirements for City Life
Must have Armed Assault 3 (Legit Copy ' We shall check!)
Must have and be on TeamSpeak 3 whilst playing City Life
Must have a working microphone
Must be aged 14 or over to play
Must be able to speak and understand English(Basic)
Must be a member of our forum

Mentioned above are our bare requirements for playing on City Life, each with an important reason which will be covered throughout the application process, or indeed answered on our forum and by a member of the helper team, it's very important that you understand these basic requirements but also fully understand our rules for City Life.
Creating an Account and Validation

Creating an Account & Validation

The account you create will be the same for the City Life forums and in-game, so think carefully! You cannot change this once it's been created and whatever you do, don't sign up another account! Duplicate accounts are against our rules and will make your visit with us very short. Here's a little guideline on the process

1. Read and understand our full listing of rules
2. Create your account, remember it's the same name for in-game, choose carefully
3. Await validation clearance & post up your interview request
4. Interview with a City Life helper
5. Start Role-Playing on the best RPG server out there!

Just to cover that a little more, the validation stage can take a bit of time, subject to the amount of applications applying at once, this is not an automated system, our admins have to review these individually, please be patient! In the meantime post up an interview request, introduce yourself and state why you would like to join our community, tell us about any previous Role-Playing experiences you have, we'd love to know about you and what you can bring to City Life. The final stage is an interview with one of our helpers, they'll make sure you understand the rules and answer any questions that you might have about the game or the community.
We look forward to welcoming you to the community!
General Guidance and Advice

General Guidance and Advice

Be honest! We want you to experience and enjoy the Role-Playing environment that we have created here at City Life, each rule we have is in place to protect and assure that we are the best in the business and to deliver an experience that will want our players wanting more and more! Telling their friends to sign up and join in on the fun.
Be honest with us from the very start during the account creating and validation process. As mentioned, make sure the name you pick when signing up is one that you want both on the forums and in-game.
Be patient during the validation process and interview stage, nobody here is getting paid, all our staff volunteer and like to play the game as well, take advantage of this time to become even more familiar with our rules and regulations, it'll help you, trust us on that!
Become part of the community, get involved with the forum discussions, make friends and most of all have fun, we have members that have been here for years and years, and they still want more! We hope you will equally enjoy the game as much as them and have a truly wonderful experience at City Life.

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Bug Buster

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The City Life RPG 3 MOD is quite strict on its rules so that we can maintain a healthy server.
All none hacking bans can be reviewed once only so if you feel you where wronged and banned for no real reason please send an email to bannedclrpg[at] with the following information:
Reason of your ban:
Who banned you:
Why you would like to be unbanned:

Frequently Asked Questions

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